Boxer - The Simple Text-Box AE Script.

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Boxer - The Simple Text-Box AE Script.

Allan Raffel
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What's new?

  • The scripting of Boxer has been optimised to run faster and not pollute the global namespace.
  • The expression Boxer created have had a slight change which should make the text-box respond to Source Text
    changes better.
  • Now included in the download is Boxer's baby brother bxr.jsxbin
    bxr is the stripped back no UI version of Boxer.
    This can be ran directly from the file menu or assigned to a KBar button. Perfect if you are tight for AE screen real estate and happy to make all your color, size and corner changes after creation.

Boxer is the quickest way to create auto-scaling text boxes in After Effects.

  • Select your text layer (you can even select multiple layers).
  • Set the color, stroke, corner and padding options.
  • Click Generate!
    A shape layer is automatically created to your specs and parented to the text layer.

Uh oh! Spotted a typo? (or that one client has changed the copy yet again!)
Don't worry,
Boxer's text boxes automagically scale to fit any size of text.

Plus, since the only things generated are simple shape layers, your project will remain shareable with clients or colleagues!
No plugins, no proprietary FX and no awkward conversations.

There are even some advanced controls.

  • Create Expression Control FX for each property, to make these easier to adjust after the box(s) are generated.
  • Turn off the auto resizing expression for the height of the box. This is handy when creating lots of text boxes. As some words are taller than others due to letter ascenders/descenders.

I want this!

Boxer.jsxbin After Effects ScriptUI panel.

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