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TikTokText: Emulate the TikTok look in After Effects.

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TikTokText: Emulate the TikTok look in After Effects.

Allan Raffel
3 ratings

TikTokText is a CEP extension for After Effects that lets you instantly replicate the look of text in the TikTok app.

It's incredibly quick and simple.

• Type or paste your text into the box.

• Select which of the five TikTok fonts you want to replicate
⠀- Classic, Typewriter, Handwriting, NEON or Serif.

• Select your text style
⠀- Plain text, Text with a stroke, Text within a solid box, Text within a semi-transparent box.

• Select the main color for the text/box combo and hit Generate.

A text layer and shape layer(if a box style was selected) will be created to the specifications you chose. These remain completely editable afterwards. Meaning you can share your projects with anyone, even if they don't have a copy of TikTokText.

The fonts, styles, colors, box-size, corner roundness and even stroke-width have been designed to replicate that authentic TikTok in app look.
Which is perfect for creating content destined for TikTok.

With the magic of expressions, any text-boxes will automatically scale to fit the size of your text, no matter how many times you change it!

You can even right-click the color buttons to copy that color's hex-code to your clipboard for use in other graphics.

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TikTokText.zxp After Effects Extension, folder containing required fonts and TikTokText Guide PDF.

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